Personalized print

Additionally to basic mail personalization, Traffica company offers advanced personalization of documents such as invoices, statements, notices etc. Apart of the experience in this field we offer highly effective printing on heavy duty laser printers, selection of personalization dedicated software for document imaging on basis of data received in different files.


As our experiences proves, even in case of periodical printing just hundreds of documents, the outsourcing of such process, effects profitable results for Clients. First of all, thanks to the technology, the cost of printing is lower and sometimes also of the mail sent - because during the processing it is possible to accumulate documents from different part of the database, which are destiny to the same recipient. By the second, thanks to OMR codes we can put on, we are able for automatic enveloping various paged documents. And finally, mail is quickly shipped and does not cause any obstacles in daily work of particular departments responsible for documents production, regardless of the peaks.

Our highly effective laser printers, print both in grey shades and in full colour and additionally enable us to use different types of paper at the same time. Find out more at: TECHNOLOGIES

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