Security policy

Postal correspondence, before dispatching further to a postal operator, has to undergo handling process: a document printing, addressing, enveloping, proper postal forms preparation. We are absolutely aware that the mail must be properly protected and sent on-time. For this reason we have created appropriate procedures and made our organization the subject of superior goal: reliable service. Thanks to the achievements of available technology we have created monitoring system to control processes timing as well as work efficiency. Dedicated software enables us to control mail flow and postal shipping forms. We put a strong emphasis on multi-level quality control.

Security procedures accompany the selection and recruitment process of the staff. Each new employee is properly trained in the scope of mail handling, company procedures, postal rules, specific legal conditions related to correspondence handling (e.g. Personal Data Protection Act) and then, a new employee becomes obliged to keep the information that would be accessible in secret, when performing professional duties. After passing the exam, new employees may start their work.

As for the technical conditions of the Personal Data Protection Act, described in detail in the Ministry of the Interior and Administration Decree dated April 29, 2004, we apply the third and the highest security level. Following the market requirements, those related to the banking sector in particular, we have created Recovery Centre and the Continuity of Operations Safety Action Plan.
Above mentioned are only some of the reasons which make us worth trusting.

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