Logistics for on-line shops

On-line sale is dynamically growing business sector, generating extra volume for postal and express delivery operators, with parcels carrying purchased goods. Professional on-line shops have their own warehouses from which they send parcels. Such venture means undertaking certain investments and requires the right preparation.

Outsourcing related to e-commerce logistics is an alternative. Such a solution enables on-line shops to concentrate on their core activity which is generally sales development by gaining new customer, promotional activities and improving offered goods selection. Outsourcing allows to run on-line shop from any place in the world, without personal involvement into packing and shipping.

Traffica company offers solutions adjusted to on-line shops' needs. We receive orders for picking and packing on-line, to be shipped in selected way: courier, post – including C.O.D. We pack them properly, prepare shipping documentation as demanded, rate operator's tariff, put address and dispatch. We also store the goods, thus Clients may direct deliveries simply to our warehouse. It is our standard: orders put before 12 a.m. are to be completed and dispatched the same working day, others – next day.
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