About us

The Traffica company was established in 1999 by introducing into the market innovative service based on comprehensive managing of daily postal correspondence. Since the very beginning, the highest quality of the services provided by us has been of major importance. Such policy has been appreciated by our numerous Clients; cooperation started in the first years of our activity for the benefit of both parties has been continued until today.

Within next years we mastered our know-how which enabled us to provide technologically advanced and flexible solutions - both in incoming and outgoing mail. We have significantly developed our capabilities in the scope of mass mail handling. Our specialization and infrastructure enables us to process urgent orders absolutely immediate. Due to dynamic e-commerce sector development noticed within last years, we offer a wide range of interesting solutions dedicated to on-line shops. Postal and express delivery services are basic components of the chain between on-line shop and its customer.

Business correspondence or mail handling, may cause obstacles in a company's daily schedule. Cooperation with us, helps the Clients to release their assets and use them in more profitable way in terms of their core business. It also enables to avoid unpleasant duties causing unnecessary pressure.

Ethics is one of the leading factors taken into consideration when making our decisions. The cooperation with our Clients is approached as long term relation and for this reason we pay special attention to fulfill Clients' expectations. Our personnel policy is based on proper motivation which guarantees us low level of job rotation. The people constitutes a company.

Our key services:

ul. Kolejowa 5/7, 01-217 Warszawa, fax: (+48) 22 434-8101 e-mail: traffica@traffica.pl

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