Incoming mail collection and handling

To make daily mail delivered early as possible to the employees within your company, worth of considering is trusting us your PO BOX emptying and processing the incoming mail. The services related to incoming mail are custom made to our Clients' needs.

Collection of the letters is lead by our courier at indicated post office. Usually our task is to process initial letters' selection into previously defined batches, to run the mail register as data file and stamping envelopes with sequence numbers. Another stage is opening defined mail group on the basis of detailed, written instructions and sorting them out in accordance with chosen criteria. The ultimate solution for handling is mail scanning. Solutions may be adjusted individually and we are ready to advise you anytime, so if you are interested in our offer - please contact us.

ul. Kolejowa 5/7, 01-217 Warszawa, fax: (+48) 22 434-8101 e-mail:

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