Fulfillment is the service dedicated especially for those companies, who requires to have certain sets of materials or goods to be distributed – according to address file – in easy and fast way. As fulfillment object, the most frequently are consumer contests prizes, printing materials sets, flyers, gadgets, posters as well as other POS products directed to shops or regional representatives. Our experience and Client's needs understanding, makes us very flexible and prompt reacting for orders. Professional team, processing fulfillment orders, is capacity featured, high effective and fast.




To make our Clients feel more comfortable, we are to advice sealing and packaging way, distribution channel and we'll prepare suitable packaging. To whom it may be interested, we extend P.O. BOX postal services, develop data bases and cover carrier's or postal fees. After placing our return address on the parcels to be sent, Clients may benefit from returned mail collecting and claiming at carrier's office for delivery – when necessary. We prepares fulfillment service end reports on demand.

ul. Kolejowa 5/7, 01-217 Warszawa, fax: (+48) 22 434-8101 e-mail: traffica@traffica.pl

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