Daily mail collection and handling

Our services have been constructed to be attractive for both: bulk mail shippers and the companies with smaller needs in scope of sending letters.

Enterprises perceive unquestionable benefits of outsourcing, so to meet the market needs - Traffica has prepared a range of services related to comprehensive outgoing daily mail handling. The process starts with the collection of correspondence divided into regular and registered letters from the Client's place within the schedule agreed. Traffica's courier together with Client's representative tallies the letters when picking them up, registers the number and types, registers information referring to returned postal acknowledgments of sending previous letters and leaves one copy of the document. Next step is delivering to Traffica's operation department, where it is processed by experienced staff teams.

Letters are weighed, postal forms completed (e.g. postal correspondence registers) and when necessary - postal charges are settled. Postal correspondence registers may be run in a traditional way as well as electronically (as encrypted data files) which is convenient and facilitates fast tracking of archives in the future. After checking the quality of services rendered, letters are sending the same day - they are delivered to Polish Post or other postal operator if required. In situations when the correspondence needs to be additionally enveloped, Traffica is prepared for such circumstances and is able to do this - depending on the quantity - even on the reception day. Thanks to appropriate procedures and internal motivation policy, our work is featured by continuous monitoring of high efficiency. We really care for our Clients' comfort and make our best to keep the cooperation maintenance-free. We help our Clients with all necessary contacts with postal operators (agreements, claims and others). Sending letters with us is comfortable. Do not hesitate to contact us to choose the best solutions for you on individual meeting, also to discuss present way of sending letters, possible way of its improvement and reducing the cost.

ul. Kolejowa 5/7, 01-217 Warszawa, fax: (+48) 22 434-8101 e-mail: traffica@traffica.pl

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