Bulk mail handling

Mail enveloping, bulk mail shipping - especially when occurs not so often – like once a month, may cause obstacles in effective work of an enterprise. Outsourcing of activities related to postal mailing is very interesting solution for the majority of companies. A Client takes advantage of professional know-how of experienced supplier and its infrastructure adjusted to managing numbers of projects many significant contractors' which means lower costs and fast shipping. Additional benefit for a Client is easy shipping even during seasonal peaks or responsible for the mail employees' absence. Due to our specialization – daily mail handling – we are ready for bulk mail fast processing.

Our potential enables us to send thousands of letters within a few hours from requesting an order. What seems to be essential is that our company does not introduce any quantity limits in reference to the mail to be enveloped. Our present potential allows us to envelope ca. 200.000 letters within one day over the regular assignments.

Enveloping, depending on features of the order, is performed manually or automatically. As an alternative for enveloping, we also offer polywrapping. The scope of the order may include preprint process, printing (press printing, laser printing), personalization, addressing, packaging/enveloping, preparation of postal correspondence registers then franking with different ways and dispatching to the postal operator. As a broker we offer our advice on selecting then purchasing suitable data base of prospect contractors.

We are supplied with different packing materials for sealing of various parcels, we also keep a stock of different size envelopes that might be useful. This enables us to accept entire orders via e-mail, then to print them, pack and dispatch the same day. When processing assigned tasks, we fulfill necessary obligations - in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act completed in detail by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration Decree.

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